An impression of Dodos in a Mauritian marsh in the 1600s

You have reached the site dedicated to two unique birds called Dodos - flightless birds which became extinct on the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues in the late 1600s and 1700s respectively.

Unfortunately, it took less than a hundred years of sharing the islands with human beings to tip the delicate balance of nature and wipe out these Dodos for ever.

Nowadays, Mauritius and Rodrigues are host to thousands of tourists who find shops full of Dodos and Solitaires in many forms, shapes and sizes, and although these birds have become icons on their individual islands, it is surprising how little is known about them.

This site will give you glimpses of the interesting aspects of these large birds, and what happened after they were made extinct.

There is a special page for children, where it is hoped to motivate them to take an interest in natural history, and to stimulate their learning.

Solitare Wedding
A Solitaire 'marriage'

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Top pictures(left to right) - 1. Annie Soudain; 2. From Het Tvveede Boeck (1601); 3. Louise Richards; 4. Bellin (1765); 5. Strickland and Melville (1848); 6. Lithograph (1815); 7. Andrew Fitchett; 8. Julian Hume; 9. Art print (1795). Composition put together by Bob Latimer.

PHOTOGRAPHIC ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The site is indebted to BOB LATIMER for most of the photographs.

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